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Tuesday, March 3, 1998

  • Basketball and hockey playoffs
  • Co-op students rank their jobs
  • Here are the winning engineers
  • Women's week, and other events
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Basketball and hockey playoffs

The basketball Warriors play a big game tonight, while their hockey counterparts are probably still resting from a weekend marathon -- two games Friday night and one on Sunday -- and getting ready for the next hurdle.

The basketball game tonight is a playoff contest against Lakehead, which starts at 8:00 in the Physical Activities main gym. Tickets are $7 (students $5). If the team can get past the Nor'Westers tonight, they'll qualify for the "Wild West Shoot-out" on Friday for the OUA West championship. Waterloo is hosting the tournament, whether or not the Warriors are in it.

Although the Warriors closed out the regular season losing four of their last five games, head coach Tom Kieswetter says they're ready for what lies ahead: "We are very confident that we can play with any team in our league, and we're looking forward to the playoffs." That was right after Waterloo's 84-67 loss to Western on Saturday night. At 7-7 on the season, Waterloo sits in third place in the OUA's West Division behind McMaster and Western.

As for the hockey team, Friday night's pair of games will be long remembered, says correspondent Kimberly Moser in the athletics department. The Warriors were leading 1-0 in the division semifinals, having beaten Western's Mustangs earlier in the week, and were hoping for a quick victory to win the series. But there was nothing quick about it:

Each team started strong, playing tough defense and trying to get as many shots on net as possible. Both goalies were outstanding, however, and the game remained scoreless until the third period when Western's Ben Alviano slid the puck past Joe Harris. Four minutes later, Waterloo's Dan McKinnon took a pass from Jeff Goldie and beat a sprawling C.J. Denome to tie things up. The game remained 1-1 until Western's Shawn Fairweathere shot one past Harris 90 seconds into the sudden death overtime period.

Due to the new playoff format, the Mustang victory immediately forced both teams into a 20 minute mini-game to decide the series winner. Western's Cam Law got things started, scoring half-way through the 20 minute mini-game before Waterloo's Mike McIlveen tied it up again 23 seconds later. With three minutes remaining, Western's Chris George put the Mustangs ahead 2-1, but Waterloo never gave up. With less than a minute left, Aaron Kenney scored on a pass from Mike Chambers and Greg Esdale to force an overtime period.

In the second overtime of the mini-game, this marathon match-up finally came to an end. After six periods of hockey and almost five hours after the first face-off, the game came down to a test of endurance. Waterloo, inspired by the enormous crowd and the stellar play of goalie Joe Harris, finally put an end to Western as captain Jeff Goldie scored the winner on a pass from Mike Chambers.

And that wasn't all; the Warriors had to play again Sunday, to begin the best-of-five Division Finals against Windsor. Ryan Painter scored on a pass from Brandon Moffatt in a losing cause for Waterloo as the Lancers took a 1-0 series lead with a 4-1 victory.

Waterloo hosts the second game of the series on Friday night at 7:30 at the Columbia Icefield. Tickets are $7, students and seniors $5.

Co-op students rank their jobs

Some 2,733 co-op students -- minus any who already have guaranteed jobs for the spring term -- will fill out ranking forms today, bite their nails and hope for the best.

The forms can be picked up in Needles Hall starting at 11:00 and are due back at 4:00. At the same time, employers are ranking the students they interviewed over the past few weeks. On March 9, the welcome answer will arrive for students who have been matched with jobs, and the rest of the students will get ready for more interviews.

During the main interview period, just ended, 1,025 employers conducted 9,113 co-op interviews on campus, says Olaf Naese of the co-op education and career services department. Another 165 employers held interviews with 827 students by telephone.

The co-op department advises that on this decision-making day, coordinators are available for consultation, "all day until 4 p.m.". Students who are not matched with a job can take part in the "Continuous Phase" of interviews. The first job posting will be up this Thursday, even before the regular matches are ready to be announced.

Another piece of advice: "A reminder to all co-op students leaving on work terms to print a copy of the work report guidelines from the CECS website before leaving campus. Note that Math work report guidelines are available from the Math Undergrad Office, 5th floor, Math and Computer."

Here are the winning engineers

I now have the list of winners in this weekend's Ontario Engineering Competition, held at Waterloo, and it's UW all the way:
Entrepreneurial Design:
1st. Diane Cameron and Kate Hoye, Systems Design Eng, for "Ergonomic Gynecological Leg Support System"

Corporate Design:
1st. Tyler Close, Elec. and Comp. Eng, for "Netune 2.0 GSM Handover Tuning"
2nd. Paul Bowles, Sheridan Ethier, Dan O'Connell, John O'Reilly, SDE, for "Waterloo Intelligent Crane Research"

Team Design:
1st. Winnie Leung, Emily Rimas, Jason Tham, Kevin Wong, SDE

Editorial Communications:
1st. Parker Mitchell, Mechanical Eng, for "After the Treaty: The Technological Challenges of De-Mining"
2nd. Tonya Sulley, Chem. Eng, for "Food Irradiation"
3rd. Timothy Burns, SDE, for "Information Technology and Flow: Do PCs in the Home Improve Quality of Life?"

Explanatory Communications:
1st. Parker Mitchell, ME, for "Data Encryption: How Safe Is Safe?"

Parliamentary Debates:
1st. Doug Suerich and Alex Pak, SDE
3rd (tie). Bruno Bratti (ECE) and Timothy Burns (SDE), Jason Worry and William Lee (SDE)

In addition, there were three "ancillary awards": The competition is open to undergraduates from all of Ontario's engineering schools; more than 100 competitors were here for the various events, held in the Davis Centre and Student Life Centre over the weekend. "I am now busy making arrangements," says McPhee, "to send our 1st and 2nd place finishers to Carleton for the Canadian Engineering Competition next weekend."

Women's week, and other events

The Federation of Students women's centre -- or Womyn's Centre, as it prefers to call itself -- continues this week with events marking International Women's Week. In addition to the art display, which continues through tomorrow in the Student Life Centre multipurpose room, there are two activities today.

One is a (women-only) "Body Image Workshop", running from noon to 5 p.m. at the women's centre headquarters, SLC room 2102. It includes "body painting, plaster casting, T-shirt painting", and a 1 p.m. talk about body image.

The other event, open to all, is "Prof Night", starting at 6:30 in the multipurpose room. It's a panel of faculty members: Harriet Lyons of anthropology and women's studies, on "Adoption Triangles"; Vera Golini of Italian, on the UW women's studies program and "where the women are at UW"; Swani Vethamany-Globus of biology, on "Ying and Yang Make Only Ying"; Susan Wismer of environment and resource studies, on "Who's Missing? Working from the Margins in Environmental Studies"; and Sheila Ager of classical studies, on "Women and Democracy in the Ancient World".

Among the other things happening at Waterloo:

Besides that, of course, it's paperwork week, as preregistration for the fall and winter terms continues through Friday.


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