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Tuesday, January 27, 1998

University of Waterloo • Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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Bank employees get UW diplomas

Nineteen Bank of Montreal employees in the first class of a UW training program for software professionals graduated yesterday with ceremonies at a B of M facility in Scarborough, and a second class of 21 bank employees began the program.

The strategic alliance between the bank's Institute for Learning and UW was launched in 1994 and led to a model curriculum for training and upgrading software technologists. The partnership is funded jointly by the bank, through a gift to the university, and the Software Human Resource Council.

The program was developed in response to Canada's need for more trained software professionals, its organizers say. "All modern organizations require access to a highly trained information technology staff to maintain current computer systems and to develop systems for supporting new strategic products and services," says Don Cowan, director of UW's Computer Systems Group. "Information technology is advancing so quickly that it is difficult for staff to retain leading-edge competency while still maintaining and developing computer-based applications."

As a result of the partnership, UW established a core curriculum in information technology in modern programming methods, computer science structures, database management, operating systems, distributed systems, and object-oriented programming and design.

The program is offered on a part-time basis over six months to 18 months in both conventional classroom and distance-education formats. Alliances are being formed to make the program available across Canada and internationally, says John Green, program director.

Fourteen years in the Bastille

It's not as bad as it sounds: La Bastille is a floor in the St. Paul's United College residence where the language of daily life is French, and has been so since 1984. Some 18 students live in the French-immersion wing of the college, famous for its community spirit. It's staffed by a don, like other residence wings, and a French assistant, "responsible for organizing social and cultural activities that contribute to the appreciation of the French way of life and to improve language skills". The assistant is currently an exchange student from France.

At a small ceremony this afternoon, a plaque will be unveiled honouring the two founders of La Bastille: François Gérard, who was principal of St. Paul's when it was created, and Don Wilson, who was chair of the UW department of French. About 50 guests have been invited to the event, says Helga Mills, current principal of the college.
[Truck] That would be Tony Bairos and Tim Ernst of the UW grounds crew -- not sure which one is aloft -- at work on a damaged tree on the ravaged campus of Queen's University, Kingston. Celia Andersen of the Queen's communications staff took the photo outside the venerable Theological Hall. Recovery from the January 7 ice storm continues across eastern Ontario and southern Québec. At UW, the Students Advising Co-op group is collecting cash and cheques for the Red Cross "Crack the Ice" campaign; donations can be made through the Federation of Students office or at collection points across campus.

Students seek seats on senate

Five undergraduate seats on UW's senate were up for election this spring. When nominations closed on January 16, there were no candidates for two of the five, representing students in applied health sciences and environmental studies, the university secretariat says. However, there are candidates in the other three, and an election will be held February 10-11 along with the Federation of Students annual voting.

According to a notice available on the secretariat web site (it'll also be published in tomorrow's Gazette), these are the candidates:

To represent arts:, Adam Baxter, 1B arts accountancy studies; Chris Farley, 2N history; David Ott, 4B political science and history; Pawel Ratajczak, 3A political science and applied studies; Aly Valli, 2B political science and applied studies.

To represent science: Michael Milinkovic, 3N science and business; Albert Nazareth, 1B biology.

To represent undergraduates at large: Chris Buchanan, 4N computer science and pure math; Milton Chan, 1B computer engineering; Alia Lachana, 2A applied studies; Pierre Menard, 3B electrical engineering.

On a Tuesday (and Wednesday)

A "social justice forum" on immigration and refugee issues started at noontime yesterday in the Student Life Centre multi-purpose room, and will resume there today at 12:15. "Jane Reble will share her experiences of working with a local coalition for refugee support," a flyer says. "Also, more discussion of the impact of immigration policies."

An open meeting to discuss the proposed policy statement on use of UW computing and communications facilities will be held at 3:30 this afternoon in Needles Hall room 3001.

The student awards office will be closed all day tomorrow (and again next Wednesday, February 4) to deal with "a severe backlog" and be ready "to deliver financial aid programs to students accurately and on time".

A career development seminar on "Interview Skills: Selling Your Skills" will be held tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. in Math and Computer room 5158. The career resource centre in Needles Hall has more information about this continuing series.

Now, about that math man

Reporting yesterday on UW pages that have been acknowledged by StudyWeb, I mentioned two created by "computer science graduate student Alex Lopez-Ortiz". Well . . . "while it is true," he writes, "that I strived hard to become the first tenured grad student, I ultimately graduated -- in five years -- with a PhD and many papers to show for all the time I spent in solitary confinement in my office."

And early readers of yesterday's Bulletin will have seen a few stray words at two different spots in that paragraph. (They were deleted about 10 a.m.) My apologies for letting fragments of earlier drafts get through what I laughably call the proofreading.


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