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Monday, July 14, 1997

[Graph of research funding]

Research falls to $50 million

The annual statistical report from UW's research office shows a total of $50,220,000 in "sponsored research" funds in the past year, down from $56,530,000 in the previous year. There were drops in all four categories: grants (which make up almost three-fifths of the total), contracts, and the smaller classifications of "licence fees and royalties" and "other special research".

The total number of projects fell from 1,957 last year to 1,742 this year.

"Sponsors contributing to the decreased funding," says the report, "were the Eco-Research Program (Tri-Council down $631K), Ministry of Environment (down $1,151K), both these programs now completed, and NSERC (down $2,051K). This is reflective of continuing government restraints at the Federal and Provincial levels."

A drop of $1.2 million in funding from Public Works Canada contributed to the drop in contract research money, the report continues. "Compensating slightly for the decrease in Federal government funding was an increased award from Rice University, in the United States (up by $532K)."

Revenue from licensing and fees "was down primarily due to decreased royalties earned by the Computer Systems Group because of the changing market from mainframe to microcomputers."

Sources of grant and contract funds: NSERC (37 per cent), the Ontario centres of excellence (12 per cent), the Ontario government (6 per cent), SSHRC (2 per cent), federal centres of excellence (1 per cent), "industry and other government" (26 per cent), "other" (16 per cent).

The report shows that the science faculty brings in the biggest share of research funding -- a little more than $20 million -- with engineering following at $14 million. Mathematics stands at $8 million.

Local volunteers are wanted

Latest requests from the Volunteer Action Centre: More information: the VAC is at 742-8610.

A few notes on Bastille Day

The Ron Eydt Village will be home this week and next week to some of the 2,000 participants in the world horseshoe championships, being held at Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. . . .

Any interested students are invited to attend a seminar on networking tomorrow from 9:30 to 10:30 in Needles Hall room 1020. "This workshop will increase your confidence and proficiency in using the most important and effective way to discover job openings and get interviews," says a note from the career services office. The networking seminar is followed at 10:30 by a session on "creative and traditional methods of finding jobs, with an emphasis on the hidden job market". Future seminars: interview skills on Wednesday, resume writing and letter writing on Thursday. More information is available from the Career Resource Centre on the first floor of NH. . . .

A session on stress in the workplace, presented by the Employee Assistance Program, runs from 12 noon to 1:00 tomorrow in Math and Computer room 4020. . . .

As Chris Skene put it in Friday's Imprint: "This is a warning: look both ways before crossing the railway tracks that run along the east side of the campus. Why? Because the track is about to get a lot busier." The tourist train that shuttles between downtown Waterloo and chic St. Jacobs began its runs on Saturday. . . .

A special general meeting of Imprint -- the corporation that operates the student newspaper -- has been called for Friday, August 1, at 9:30 a.m. All students who have paid the $4.10 Imprint fee are members of the corporation, and are eligible to speak and vote as the meeting settles a dispute between a member of the Imprint board and a former president of the board (with various other people also weighing into the controversy). . . .

Waterloo Web site of the day

A page listing all previous "sites of the day" is now available (and future sites of the day will be added to it as this series continues through July and August).

Don Ranney, of UW's kinesiology department, promises "lateral thinking" on his web site, plus a hot link to "interest in pain" -- and after that, "something more exciting". There's also a brief biography, and a pointer to information about the UW anatomy laboratory, of which Ranney is director.

How came this to be?

I built the web site myself. That is why it has been difficult. I had help from Stephen Sempson and other computer consultants in kinesiology -- that is why it happened at all.

Its purposes are to increase knowledge about pain and pain anatomy; to increase understanding about work injuries; to introduce me to my students -- an objective of the kin department and UW, I am told. So, the audience is people in pain, people who treat them and students.

Ranney confesses to being impressed by what he's put onto the Web, "but then two years ago I didn't know even how to turn a computer on. So I'm naive. I can't judge its value."


July 13, 1966: The Gazette announces that "Professor A. N. Sherbourne has resigned as Warden of the Student Village as a result of his appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering."

July 14, 1995: A red flag is flying at the main entrance to campus, representing the International Mathematics Olympiad, whose 170-member jury is meeting at UW to prepare the question paper for the contest.

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